Why Join The Biomolecular Condensates Summit?

An ever-increasing amount of evidence points towards the importance of Biomolecular Condensates function to health and disease. However, with many of the fundamental questions behind condensate function properties still to be answered there is a critical knowledge gap that needs to be addressed if therapeutically targeting these structures in multiple disease orders is to become achievable. Considering this, it has never been more important to engage with pioneering thinkers from both academia and industry to ensure that future pipelines are set up for success.

Uniting medicinal chemists, molecular and structural biologists, cell pathologists and seasoned drug discovery experts, the inaugural Biomolecular Condensate Summit is the only meeting dedicated to bringing industry and academia to address how to better understand the role of condensates in disease and examine potential entry points for therapeutics.

Your Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Biomolecular Condensates Summit:

  1.  Join the pioneers of the biomolecular condensate community and review the basic biology of condensates and develop a framework for condensate defining criteria
  2.  Learn how to navigate the point of translation between academia and biopharma in order
  3.  Explore the latest technological advances for analytical tools in order to better study condensate properties
  4.  Review and explore the most appropriate opportunities to validate condensate therapeutic targets
  5.  Gain an understanding of how dysregulation condensate mechanisms can be associated with cancer and neurodegenerative diseases